Heps Week Festivities

So Heps Week begins with a whimper not a bang here at HepsTrack. We are a bit fried from Penn Relays and I have been on a train to the Midwest since Monday afternoon. Here’s what a rainy Cleveland looks like at 3:30 am.

We’ll be back with you in a bit as we prepare for Outdoor Heps 2012. Mary Boggs will be on site at Franklin Field for the second weekend in a row, providing the latest in Facebook and Twitter posting while Nathan Crumpton and Joe Guty will be snapping away. I will be working on the site and making sure that results are available from the comfort of my living room with my trusty dog Chaka by my side.

Previews and more to come. Stay tuned and click around the site a lot if you are so inclined.

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