oHeps12 — Women’s Throws

Sometimes you read something and just know that you could spend a month studying non-stop and you still won’t be able to analyze as well as the original. That’s what I thought when I read Shazzuy’s LetsRun.com post about the Heps’ throws.

So I am basically letting you know what Shazzuy thinks in my words. He takes Cornell’s Victoria Imbesi in the shot put over Harvard’s Shannon Watt. Both have been over 47 feet this year and no one else is close, but Shazz worries about Watt’s lack of consistency. That’s why Imbesi is his pick. In the discus he is giving Watt her due. Similar to the shot, the top two — Watt and Princeton’s Chukwunonso Okwelogu — are well in front on the season list and this time consistency sides with Watt. Counting out 2011 champ Lacey Craker is impossible to do.

Craker is particularly solid with her hammer, where Shazzuy thinks she might someday be a 200-foot thrower. Her greatest challenge this year will come from Harvard’s Adabelle Ekechukwu, who is five feet behind at 181-8. Cornell’s Erin Rossi is a sleeper in this one. Shazz seemed reluctant to post his javelin picks because the discipline doesn’t supply much to go on in the early part of the season. Last year’s champ, Harvard’s Hannah Mayer, has yet to throw and may not be healthy. If that’s the case, Penn’s Morgan Wheeler gets the nod over Brown’s Niina Al-Hassan and Cornell’s Imbesi. — Brett Hoover, guided by Shazzuy

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