A Message From A Middie

Here’s something I love. Ronnie Harris, the great Navy distance runner from the mid-1980s, posted a comment on an older post today and also commented to us on Facebook. I hope what he writes reminds everyone what a special place you’ve found to compete. Treasure the weekend.

Here’s what he wrote:

The Heps is the best track meet in the country!  As a seven-time Heps champ, I will always love that meet and miss it dearly.  The Heps without Army and Navy is like the Beatles without Paul McCartney and John Lennon. It’s like California without the Golden Gate bridge and the Santa Monica Pier.  Army and Navy belong in the Heps!  Ask anyone that was at Harvard indoors in 1986. Beyond a doubt, the best Heps championship weekend ever!  Every race and relay was epic!

And on Facebook he had a message for all the current athletes:

Good luck this weekend at the greatest track meet EVER! Go easy on my meet record in the 5,000! Everybody run the 1,500 instead!

Harris ran 13:53.74 back in 1987. In the last two decades no one has run sub-14 at Heps. It certainly seems safe for now! That’s him throwing water on the crowd at the Marine Corps Marathon in 2004.

One Response to “A Message From A Middie”

  1. sauerkraut says:

    Ronnie Harris was indeed one of the best ever from the Heps.  Too bad he and Curt Alitz (Army) did not overlap.