oHeps12 — Men’s Middle Distance

At first when I realized I screwed up and put the 1,500 in the distance writeup, meaning that middle distance would cover just the 800-meter run, I was kinda upset with myself. But upon reflection, I have decided that it was a brilliant move.

Here’s why. This race will be crazy. Six runners have already run under 1:50, but another seven are basically within a second of the leader freshman Rutger Admirand of Cornell. And that doesn’t include guys like Russell Dinkins and Peter Callahan of Princeton, who have both run in the 1:48s. Another way of looking at it is that last year’s champion Nick Wade of Cornell is about a half-second off his winning time from last year… and he is ranked 12th in the League this spring!

Just what will happen here? Will Admirand and fellow rookies like Brendon Fish (Columbia), Connor Claflin (Columbia) and Bradley Paternostro (Princeton) rise to the challenge? Will veterans like Dinkins, Kyle Merber (Columbia), Brian Fulton (Penn) and Trevor Van Ackeren (Princeton) come to the fore? And where will sophomores Harry McFann (Columbia), Will Weinlandt (Cornell) and Michael Williams (Princeton) — all sub-1:50 this spring — fit in?

I am loving this race. Distance can have the 1,500m! — Brett Hoover

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