Great Day For A Big PR

Peter Roach has delivered in a huge way for the Cornell Big Red, upsetting Harvard’s Nico Weiler and personally fending off making sure Princeton didn’t run away in the pole vault, an event in which the Tigers were hoping to take huge advantage. Roach was the only man to clear 16-9 1/2, beating Weiler.

UPDATE: Until I saw the results, I didn’t know that Weiler had not cleared a height. Actually, Princeton scored a very health 17 points in the vault with Adam Bragg second, David Slovenski third and Derek Hynes tied for fourth. Little bit of a premature report of the Orange demise! Team scores after four events — 1. Princeton, 39; 2. Cornell, 31; 3. Harvard, 25.

And a freshman was served in a close battle in the javelin throw. Harvard’s Dean Sullivan won with a final throw of 208-11 as first through fifth were separated by just five feet. Penn sophomore Karl Ingram was second with a best of 205-2 followed by Brown sophomore Nick Keeling at 205-0.

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5 Responses to “Great Day For A Big PR”

  1. Guest says:

    Wind is terrible for vaulters. Duh.

    • Brett Hoover says:

      Your negativity is such a joy. Do you never get enough of criticizing people?

    • Brett Hoover says:

      Mrs. Slovenski. Do you ever get enough of being critical?

      • not Mrs. Slovenski says:

         Brett, do you ever get enough of Cornell? Do they pay you to get excited about the possibility of them winning?

        • Brett Hoover says:

          They win, I report. Princeton wins, I report. Columbia wins, I report. Some though are just like whiners who complain about the officiating.