Big Red Hurdle Wave

As expected, Cornell looks ready to score some big points in the 400m hurdles on Sunday as the top three qualifying times were all posted by Big Red runners — Kenny McClain (52.77), Brian Freitas (52.83) and rookie Andre Anderson (53.14). Princeton — which advanced on senior Nilan Schnure (54.78) — will be rooting for anyone not wearing red in this one.

The eight who advanced: McClain, Freitas, Anderson, Schnure, Tim Carey (Penn), InSoo Hwang (Brown), Zach Keefer (Brown) and Evan Bryant (Dartmouth).

And from the Department of Go Fast Or Go Home, there are sub-1:51s in the men’s 800 that won’t be in the final. Cornell freshman Rutger Admirand led the way in 1:48.84 while Columbia’s Harry McFann and Connor Claflin, Penn’s Brian Fulton and Cornell’s Will Weinlandt all dipped into the 1:49s. Last year’s champ, Cornellian Nick Wade will get a chance to repeat.

The field of 800 advancement: Admirand, McFann, Claflin, Fulton, Weinlandt, Wade, Michael Williams (Princeton) and Lukas Zirngibl (Dartmouth).

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