The Unfairness of Wind

Two heats of the 100m dash today and a ridiculous shift in the wind. The first heat — won by Brown sophomore John Spooney in 10.71 — featured a slight headwind. The second heat — claimed in 10.54 by Cornell sophomore Kinsley Ojukwu (#327 above in Joe Guty’s photo) — had the benefit of a monsoonal tailwind of 4.2 meters per second. That is way unallowable for record purposes, but it likely made a difference in the at-large qualifiers.

Here are the eight finalists: Ojukwu, Spooney, Chase Aaronson (Cornell), Connor Reilly (Dartmouth), Jedidiah Adarquah-Yiadon (Cornell), Connor McCarthy (Harvard), Damani Wilson (Harvard) and William Egi (Princeton).

The difference was less in the 110m hurdles trials, but still enough to impact the proceedings. Heat one, won by Cornell senior Dan Hagberg (14.60), was into a 0.7 headwind while his teammate, senior Nick Huber, won the second heat with a 1.9 tailwind.

Here’s who will run the high hurdles on Sunday: Hagberg, Huber, Richard Sheldon (Princeton), Jarvis Harris (Harvard), Robert Mohr (Princeton), Nick Athanasopoulos (Cornell), Jeff Seddon (Penn), Hunter Warwick (Brown).

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