Huber’s Dominating Dec

Nathan Crumpton Photos: Day 1

Cornell multi-event star Nick Huber closed the 2012 Outdoor Heps by crushing the meet record in the decathlon. His final point total of 7,632, a career-best, was far beyond the previous mark of 7,202 set by Kyle Calvo of Penn in 2006. Keep in mind, Huber tallied that while also scoring points in both the 110-meter hurdles and the high jump.

Brown’s Evan Weinstock, last year’s champion, was second with 7,075 points.

Final team standings for the men: 1. Princeton; 2. Cornell 161 3/4; 3. Harvard 92 3/4; 4. Brown, 71; 5. Columbia, 58; 6. Penn, 37 1/2; 7. Yale, 36; 8. Dartmouth, 32.

Final team standings for the women: 1. Cornell, 158; 2. Princeton, 134; 3. Brown, 94; 4. Dartmouth, 89; 5. Penn, 79; 6. Harvard, 71; 7. Columbia 66; 8. Yale, 22.

Our pick for the women’s outstanding athlete award is definitely Dartmouth’s Abbey D’Agostino, while we give the nod to Donn Cabral on the men’s side. Soon we will know what the coaches think. UPDATE: The coaches agree that D’Agostino and Cabral are the Most Outstanding Performers.

The star of the HepsTrack show was undoubtedly Mary Boggs, who broke Twitter for a while. Great work from trackside. And she is promising video interviews of Cabral and D’Agostino by tomorrow at this time.

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