Turn Out The Lights… The Party’s Over

The Cornell women and the Princeton men have wrapped up the 2012 Outdoor Heps team championships.

While the Big Red men won the 4×400-meter relay in a speedy 3:10.77 with the team of Daniel Thomas, Cisco Olloqui, Brian Freitas and Kenny McClain, Princeton was right behind in second place with Tom Hopkins anchoring the Tigers to a 3:12.03. With just the decathlon remaining, the Orange and Black has an insurmountable 183-148 3/4 lead over the Big Red.

For the women, the Big Red made a final statement in the 4×4 with the team of Libby O’Brien, Kelsey Reimnitz, Zena Kolliesuah and Ebolutalese Airewele winning in 3:39.61, a spot ahead of Princeton (3:40.26). That signaled the end of the competition on the women’s side with the scores concluding at 158 for Cornell and 134 for Princeton.

The quickest place to find information is the HepsTrack Twitter page and you can participate and see what others are saying by using the #heps hashtag.

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4 Responses to “Turn Out The Lights… The Party’s Over”

  1. Jp Muggs says:

    Wow.  In this day and age of real time transmission of data, the best Heps Track can do is post a picture of a dated event, with a Princeton runner who didn’t even compete???  Good grief.

    • Ivy Alum says:

      Your comment is unnecessary. Hepstrack works very hard at what it does and actually you’re wrong- that Princeton runner DID compete. And score. 

    • Brett Hoover says:

      JP Muggs… Basically a small staff of volunteers delivered fresh content throughout two days of competition and all you do is complain? I bet people in your life consider you a breath of fresh air every time you walk into a room. Okay, I wouldn’t bet that.

  2. mm banfich says:

    and that picture IS from today’s 3k