Twitter Limit???

Who knew Twitter had a daily limit. Not us. We have been blocked from Twitter updates. Time to move to Let’s see if we can break Facebook!

Brown sophomore John Spooney just completed the 100-200 sweep for the second time in his career, beating Princeton’s Tom Hopkins in the half-lap, 21.05 to 21.19. Princeton outpointed Cornell 12-1 in this event and it is getting a little desperate for the Big Red. Who’s ready to view the burning of a barn?

Spooney wasn’t the only 100-200 double today as Princeton senior Eileen Moran just captured the 200 in 24.05. Both her victories were by wide margins. Penn had three scorers, led by Leah Brown’s second-place 24.28, while Cornell had the other two.

What’s left?

Men: 5k, 4×4, 4×8, triple jump, shot put and decathlon.
Women: 3k, 4×4, 4×8, high jump and discus.

Okay, Mary is back on good terms with Twitter, we think. She is now covering on both Twitter and Facebook, just in case. That means that the quickest place to find information remains the HepsTrack Twitter page and you can participate and see what others are saying by using the #heps hashtag. HepsNation will be a trusty backup.

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