Sound & Furey

In the past, the U.S. has struggled in the javelin throw. Although three throwers can make it to the Olympic Games, the challenge has been getting ‘A’ qualifying marks for the athletes. Penn graduate Brian Chaput twice earned his spot at the Olympic Trials and chased the mark throughout the summer, only to be denied.

But two Ivy Leaguers hit the mark Saturday at the Chicagoland Summer Throws Series at Benedictine University in Lisle, Ill. While 2005 Dartmouth grad Sean Furey, a former U.S. national champion, pushed his personal best to 82.73 (271-5), 2011 Brown grad Craig Kinsley dropped an 82.31 (270-0) bomb as well. The Olympic ‘A’ is 82 meters.

The entertaining Kinsley, a former NCAA champion, explains:

“Tom Pukstys put on a sweet throwers’ meet and after a monster throw +PR by Sean (82.73) he got in my face with some technical/emotional/patriotic shouting and got me going like it was nobody’s business. I hit 82.31 on my next throw for a 4+ meter PR. First PR in two years, MAN did it feel good. Almost gave myself a heart attack from yelling after hearing the mark, then shed a few tears and tried to compose myself for the next throw. Twas a good day.”

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