Next Step to London

The 2012 Olympics are little over a month away away (beginning July 27th), and American athletes are looking at their next step in achieving their Olympian dreams.

The U.S. Track & Field Olympic Trials — held in Eugene, Ore. — will begin on Thursday (with the hammer trials at Nike HQ) and run through July 1st. A complete schedule can be found here. Athletes who have hit the Automatic Trials Standard are allowed to compete until the field size is full. If there are not enough Automatic qualifiers to fill out the field, then the provisional qualifiers are allowed to compete. Some provisionally-qualified athletes are still waiting to hear if they are allowed to compete.

In order to be selected as a Team USA member, the athlete needs to hit the Olympic Games Standard and place well at the Olympic Trials. Anyone who has met the Olympic Games “A” standard and places in the top 3 of their event is guaranteed a slot on the team. A person with an Olympic Games “B” qualifier can only make it onto the team if a) no other American in their event has hit the “A” standard or b) if there is only 1 “A” qualifier in their event AND the “B” qualifier places higher at the Trials than the “A” qualifier. TrackFocus has focused a blog entry which describes the selection process in better detail.

Unfortunately, no one can chase the Olympic Games standard after the Olympic Trials. So for many athletes, this championship where they can get the mark.

Listed below are the Ivy League qualifiers who will compete this weekend, including two-time silver medalist Adam Nelson who is aiming to make his fourth Olympic Team. The Olympic Games standards are listed with each event, as well as which athletes have already hit those standards.:

Men’s Standards — A: 1:45.60. B: 1:46.30.
• Liam Boylan-Pett (Columbia alum)

Women’s Standards — A: 1:59.90. B: 2:01.30.
• Kate Grace (Yale alum)

Men’s Standards — A: 3:35.50. B: 3:38.00.
• Kyle Merber (Columbia) — Olympic Games B qualifier
• Liam Boylan-Pett (Columbia alum) — Olympic Games B qualifier
• Joe Stilin (Princeton) — pending

Women’s Standards — A: 4:06.00. B: 4:08.90.
• Morgan Uceny (Cornell) — Olympic Games A qualifier
• Anna Pierce (Brown) — Olympic Games A qualifier
• Kate Grace (Yale)
• Greta Feldman (Princeton)

Men’s Standards — A: 13:20.00. B: 13:27.00.
• Ben True (Dartmouth alum) — Olympic Games A qualifier
• Dan Lowry (Brown) — pending
• Joe Stilin (Princeton) — pending

Women’s Standards — A: 15:20.00. B: 15:30.00.
• Abbey D’Agostino (Dartmouth) — Olympic Games B qualifier

Men’s Standards — A: 27:45.00. B: 28:05.00.
• Ben True (Dartmouth alum) — Olympic Games A qualifier

Women’s Standards — A: 31:45.00. B: 32:10.00.
• Liz Costello (Princeton alum)

Men’s Standards — A: 8:23.10. B: 8:32.00.
• Donn Cabral (Princeton) — Olympic Games A qualifier
• Max King (Cornell alum) — pending

Women’s Standards — A: 9:43.00. B: 9:48.00.
• Delilah Dicrescenzo (Columbia Alum) – Olympic Games A qualifier
• Ashley Higginson (Princeton alum) – Olympic Games B qualifier
• Alexi Pappas (Dartmouth) – pending
• Carrie (Strickland) Dimoff (Princeton alum) – pending

400m Hurdles
Men’s Standards — A: 49.50. B: 49.80.
• Austin Hollimon (Princeton) — pending

High Jump
Men’s Standards — A: 2.31m. B: 2.28m.
• Tora Harris (Princeton alum) — Olympic Games B qualifier
• Maalik Reynolds (Penn) — Olympic Games B qualifier
• Montez Blair (Cornell)
• Justin Frick (Princeton alum)

Women’s Standards — A: 1.95m. B: 1.92m.
• Becky Christensen (Harvard alum) — Olympic Games B qualifier

Shot Put
Men’s Standards — A: 20.50m. B: 20.00m.
• Adam Nelson (Dartmouth alum) — Olympic Games A qualifier

Discus Throw
Men’s Standards — A: 65.00m. B: 63.00m.
• Bryan Powlen (Brown alum) — pending

Javelin Throw
Men’s Standards — A: 82.00. B: 79.50m.
• Craig Kinsley (Brown alum) — Olympic Games A qualifier
• Sean Furey (Dartmouth alum) — Olympic Games A qualifier
• Bryan Chaput (Penn alum)

Hammer Throw
Men’s Standards — A: 78.00m. B: 74.00m.
• Conor McCullough (Princeton) — Olympic Games B qualifier

Note: Harvard coach Chris Bryce is qualified in the hammer throw.

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