It’s Our Honor

Every now and again you learn something that takes you totally by surprise. And that’s exactly what happened Thursday when I was notified that was going to be awarded the 2012 Adam Jacobs Award for excellence in online journalism by the Track & Field Writers of America.

This is a big honor for us here at because we feel that the online community of track & field is the most important of any sport. It seems that our sport is woven together by those who do it for the love of the sport and there are a lot of committed people out there doing this work.

That’s why we are so honored. Big shout out to Mary Boggs, Patricia Melton, Dipen Shah, Nathan Crumpton, Dan Grossman, Jack Pfeifer, Doug Austin, Joe Guty and everyone else who has helped this site along the way.

And to do this work on behalf of the Heps Nation is a joy. Just tonight Fred Samara, the men’s coach at Princeton University sent along a message from the Olympic Trials. It read:

“I want to tell everyone how proud I am to be an Ivy Leaguer and a coach in the Ivy League. We have so many wonderful student-athletes who are performing at the highest level on the track and in life.”

We can’t disagree.

5 Responses to “It’s Our Honor”

  1. BrownXC says:

    Great job to everyone at HepsTrack! You guys do a fantastic job covering the sport for athletes and alumni alike!

    • Greg Page says:

      Well earned, Brett et al.!  What a tremendous service you provide to the Heps family!

  2. Princeton Parent 13 says:

    Congratulations. This is a wonderful web site. Thanks for all you do for the sport. God bless. 

  3. Laurie Baker says:

    Congratulations very well deserved. I want to say thank you to all of you for your dedication and hard work. I’m from California and have learned so much about the Ivy League and the athletes from follow you! And now watching the Olympic Trials on TV has really been great knowing who the Ivy League athletes are. Thank you you guys are awesome!!!

  4. Rick@lancertiming says:

    Well deserved Brett!! Congratulations!