2012 Trials: Dignified Delilah

Imagine your worst day as a professional. Getting fired. Getting overlooked. Losing out on a project that you worked on for months. Getting sued.

How would you conduct yourself immediately afterward if five people shoved microphones and cameras into your face and wanted a response?

I marvel at athletes who can handle that situation with poise and dignity. Those who can break down their shortcomings for all to see. Columbia graduate Delilah DiCrescenzo did that yesterday. After spending four years getting herself in position to be an Olympian, she watched it slip away as her legs couldn’t respond in the finals of the steeplechase at the U.S. Olympic Trials.

She was clearly disappointed, but with tears in her eyes she faced the questions. “Not everyone is meant to be an Olympian,” she offered. “I can still have success in other things, in other races. And being an Olympian is not going to define how successful my career was. At least that’s what I’m telling myself now.”

We’ve been cheering for Delilah long before Plain White Tees made her famous and she will be a champion in our book — three times over in the steeple — here at HepsTrack.

Wanna see photos of Ivy Leaguers at the Trials. Click here for a collection from Kim Spir, who shoots regularly for The Armory.

Also, Harvard graduate Becky Christensen was sixth in the high jump final on Saturday, clearing 6-0 1/2. Heading to the Olympics will be Chaunte Lowe and Brigetta Barrett, who each cleared a Trials-record 6-7, as well as soon-to-be 37-year-old Amy Acuff, who will be competing in her fifth Olympic Games.

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