Eighty Years In The Making

There will be at least eight Ivy Leaguers competing in track & field at the Olympics next month in London, the first time that number has been reached in 80 years.

The Ivy League could get a ninth 2012 Olympian if Cornell junior Bruno Hortelano — competing for Spain — can lower his time by about two-tenths this weekend in the 200-meter dash. On Saturday he posted, “To clear things up I haven’t made the Olympics yet, I’m still trying in the 200m and I have until next Sunday to do it. I dunno where any info saying otherwise came from.”

Here’s the eight from the Ancient Eight:

  • Donn Cabral (Princeton ’12) — U.S., steeplechase
  • Sean Furey (Dartmouth ’04) — U.S., javelin throw
  • Muhammad Halim (Cornell ’08) — U.S. Virgin Islands, triple jump
  • Erison Hurtault (Columbia ’07) — Dominica, 400m dash
  • Craig Kinsley (Brown ’11) — U.S., javelin throw
  • Samyr Laine (Harvard ’06) — Haiti, triple jump
  • Lisa Sublic (Columbia ’06) — Croatia, marathon
  • Morgan Uceny (Cornell ’07) — U.S., 1,500m run

    Also, Cornell Men’s Coach Nathan Taylor will be at the London Games as the coach of the U.S. Virgin Islands team. He promises to wave to the Heps Nation during the opening ceremonies.

    Since 1932 — when eight Ivy Leaguers advanced to the Los Angeles Olympics — the high water mark has been seven, achieved in both 1952 and 2004. That 1932 squad included three gold medalists — Cornell’s John Anderson, Penn’ Bill Carr and Yale’s Karl Warner.

    With Cabral, Furey, Kinsley and Uceny representing the U.S., the last time more members of Team USA came from the League was 1952. The 2004 squad in Athens also had four Ivy Leaguers — Dartmouth’s Adam Nelson, Princeton’s Tora Harris, Yale’s Kate O’Neill and Harvard’s Brenda Taylor.

    Here’s a story about Lisa Stublic’s journey to the Games. Also, it turns out that Ben True of Dartmouth would have been in good position to make the squad had it not been for symptoms similar to Lyme disease!

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    1. Guest says:

      Darryll Oliver (Penn ’11) is also eligible to make the Jamaican team in the 800. He has a week to hit the “A” standard or have no one else in the top 3 hit the “B” standard.

      • Mary says:

        Good to know, thanks for the info! Do you know which meet he has coming up so we can keep an eye out for him?