Olympics 2012: T-6…

Our London Eight are slowly making their way to London and if you look in the right places, you can see some cool behind-the-scenes stuff.

For example, Brown’s Craig Kinsley has been training at the Team USA camp in Birmingham and has had the oppportunity to demonstrate the javelin to some local youths.  We found out that information through Facebook (thanks to his Facebook group for sharing!) Click here to see video of Craig putting on a show for the youngsters.

A lot of the athletes have special groups on facebook where the athlete or a close friend have been posting updates, photos, or videos of what is going on.  Here are some of the ones we have found:

Muhammad Halim (Cornell – triple jump) and Coach Nathan Taylor (Cornell – coaching USVI) currently do not have an official fan pages on facebook, but we are gladly share anything to HepsNation if people can direct us to the stories. 

And to everyone: if anyone is going to be in London to watch or soak in the Olympic atmosphere, come share some of your stories, pictures, or videos with us!  We’d love to hear/see/share the stories with the rest of HepsNation.

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