Olympics 2012 – T-1…

With the Olympics getting ready to start off tomorrow, people are rushing to get the final touches together.  This includes the “bookies”.

There are many online websites that can offer odds on the likelihood of getting a gold medal, top three placing, or setting a world record (and possibly other attributes as well), as well as provide details if you want to place any bets on any event.  One website we have found, Oddschecker.com, have all of the events available and show the odds for all competitors entered in the different events. 

In terms of who has the best odds of getting a gold medal, the “surest bet” would be 1500m runner Morgan Uceny, as her odds range from 9:1 to 40:1 (depending on the gambling body) as she was ranked #1 for 2011 and won the 2011 Diamond League circuit title.    For the men, javelin thrower Craig Kinsley has the best odds, ranging from 47:1 to 66:1.

For the rest of the London Eight:

  • Donn Cabral (steeplechase) – 90:1
  • Sean Furey (jav) – 66:1
  • Muhammad Halim (Triple Jump) – 100:1
  • Erison Hurtault (400) – 142:1
  • Samyr Laine (Triple Jump) – 100:1
  • Lisa Stublic (marathon) – 66:1

Now as Suzanne Collins recently wrote in her bestselling novel The Hunger Games: “May the odds be ever in your favor!”

Now please note: Hepstrack does not advocate betting in any sort of form (although we’re more than happy to place our own guesses on who will medal); HOWEVER, NCAA strictly prohibits betting on sporting events, and as many Americans know, it is heavily regulated within the USA.

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