Live From London

How cool is this. I have a co-worker at The Armory — Aliann Pompey — who is now a four-time Olympian for Guyana. Back in her college days at Manhattan, she won the NCAA 400-meter title and she has run 50-something. Yes, she is quick (and the head of the Armory College Prep program!).

And in participating in the Opening Ceremonies in London tonight, she took a ton of photos, including one of her with Erison Hurtault and another of Samyr Laine outside the Stadium. Yes, Olympians taking pictures of Olympians. Thanks, Aliann! You are an honorary member of the Heps Nation!

Above is a photo of Craig Kinsley taken by fellow thrower Cyrus Hostetler, while below is the experience of the U.S. Virgin Island team, featuring Muhammad Halim and Coach Nathan Taylor, walking into the Stadium during the Parade of Nations.

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