Turning On The Lights

Update: Watched the BBC’s commercial-free live feed of the Opening Ceremony and Erison Hurtault was shown and mentioned by name as the flag bearer for Dominica. Also caught a glimpse of Samyr Laine as Haiti’s contingent came through. Also thought I saw Donn Cabral, but I can’t be sure on that one. The ceremony was great. Very British. Also, if you haven’t signed up for Donn Cabral’s burst.it page, you will be missing out. Shown is a photo Donn just posted which looks to be with Craig Kinsley.

So, London, tonight is your night. We suspect Mitt Romney won’t be igniting the cauldron (unless he opts to go rogue, which remains possible).

What will the fans of the Ivy League see tonight. With as many American Olympians as we have, it might be hard to point out the four Ivy League tracksters in the group, but we are counting on some attention from the islands. After all, Erison Hurtault is carrying the flag of Dominica and is assured some international face time. Haiti’s Samyr Laine has been getting a ton of attention, especially after it was discovered that his freshman roommate at Harvard was Mark Zuckerberg. Given that NBC Olympics was in touch with HepsTrack.com to verify some data about Samyr, we anticipate seeing his smiling face tonight.

Also look for Cornell coach Nathan Taylor with the U.S. Virgin Islands squad as he promised to wave to the Heps Nation. We are counting on you, Nate!

Now, huge huge credit goes out to Mary Boggs, who has been tracking the Ivy alums high and low, wherever they go. For the Olympics, she put together biographies of all eight of the Heps Nation athletes as well as Coach Taylor. This is the largest contingent of Heps athletes at the Games since the… well… the foundation of Heps in 1935. The last time the Ivy League sent eight track & field athletes to the Games was in 1932!

Here are all the biography links:

Donn Cabral (Princeton ’12) — U.S., steeplechase
Sean Furey (Dartmouth ’04) — U.S., javelin throw
Muhammad Halim (Cornell ’08) — U.S. Virgin Islands, triple jump
Erison Hurtault (Columbia ’07) — Dominica, 400m dash
Craig Kinsley (Brown ’11) — U.S., javelin throw
Samyr Laine (Harvard ’06) — Haiti, triple jump
Lisa Stublic (Columbia ’06) — Croatia, marathon
Morgan Uceny (Cornell ’07) — U.S., 1,500m run

So, what can you expect here at HepsTrack.com? Well, we are going to provide a daily recap of the Ivy League — all of the sports until track & field begins on August 3 and commands most of our attention. We will be working today to finish off the history contained beneath the Olympic Games menu at the top of the site.

Take a moment to ponder that our nation — the wonderful Heps Nation — is so well represented in London. These eight have made scads of personal sacrifices to earn their spot at the world’s greatest party and it is a joy for all of us to sit back and appreciate their moments with them. This is a time when, for us, it isn’t about school colors or national flags, it’s about the shared experience of this League and these people who are part of it. They are representing Heps to world and for that, we are ever grateful. Be safe, be strong, throw long, jump far, run fast.

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