Laine Train Speeds On

Samyr Laine has advanced to the final of the triple jump at the 2012 Olympic Games! With a leap of 16.81 meters (55-2) in his second attempt, the Harvard graduate representing Haiti is through.

The last Haitian to advance to an Olympic track & field final was Dudley Dorival in the 2000 high hurdles. The last Haitian medalist at the Olympic Games? Silvio Cator in the long jump in 1928 (silver).

Muhammad Halim, the Cornell graduate representing the U.S. Virgin Islands, did not advance. Laine’s shot at Haitian history comes Thursday at 2:20 pm.

Laine posted the following on his athlete page on Facebook:

“Olympic finalist…wow, certainly a blessing! But that’s just a stepping stone, right? Qualifying for the finals was a requisite for the accomplishment of OUR true goal, so you can count on me to push it to the limit Thursday evening.

Can’t get back to everybody (yet), but I’ve been keeping up with all of the messages and comments and can’t say thanks enough for all of the love, support and encouragement. Hopefully you guys know that you all really do provide a huge boost!

On to the next one…”

Meanwhile, Halim posted this on his Facebook page:

“There are worse things to be than upset over a bad performance at the Olympics I suppose. To everyone who lifted me up along the way. Thanks. Especially to my biggest supporters along the way. Shawna Rossini Aaron Gadson Nathan Taylor Hasheem Halim, my family and friends, Cornell Track and Field and Cross Country, everyone else in the USVI and the states. Going to enjoy the rest of the show.”

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  1. Pete1986 says:

    Haiti for life!! check this out people:

  2. Jrodriguez says:

    Hear anything from Laine yet?