Morgan & the Medal

Morgan Uceny takes aim at an Olympic medal today. Seems like only yesterday she was running about five seconds ahead of the competition in the 800m run at Heps.

Here are her last two posts online.

Thursday — “and…..I’m in the final of my first Olympic Games. The first two rounds have been about perseverance and patience, in the final there is no holding back! Thanks for all of the continued support! Let’s keep it going:)”

Friday — “Today is THE day! There has been no lack of inspiration at these Olympic Games. I have seen some tremendous performances and I can’t wait to toe the line tonight and see what I can do!”

I have been previewing every last round of every event at the Olympics on and I found myself picking Morgan to win the 1,500m. I wrote that it was a sentimental choice, which it is, but it is also practical and tactical. I think that she is a brilliant racer.

There is no David Rudisha in her race, no one that can just take off, run alone and post a 3:53. That means no one will push a hard pace. They will run about a kilometer in a group and the last 400 will be every woman for herself. Who is ready to endure the most pain? Who can match their tolerance with the approach of the finish line?

Morgan is battle tested. She has been through these races and is always in great position. And no one is going to out kick her. She calls herself “a workhorse of a runner.”

May today be her day.

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