Yale Women, Harvard Men Prevail

The men of Cambridge won the HY dual at the Course at Yale on Friday by the score of 21-38. The Crimson trio of juniors Maksim Korolev and James Leakos and senior Jakob Lindaas went 1-2-3 ahead of three Yalies. Close behind for the Bulldogs were senior Kevin Lunn and Demetri Goutos up front followed by sophomore Matthew Nussbaum.

“Obviously it was a great win for the men and I was particularly impressed with our strength up front with Maks, James and Jakob going 1-2-3,” said Coach Jason Saretsky. “But maybe more impressive was the fact that our fourth, fifth and sixth runners were making their debut at 8k.  Lukas, Billy and Dan had never competed in an 8k cross country race so that was really impressive.  And to have a 60 second spread between our first and seventh runner speaks volume about our depth.”

The result on the women’s side was reversed and even in a more lopsided fashion as the Bulldogs took six of the first seven places, led by junior Liana Epstein. Harvard’s Samantha Silva, who was second, was the only Crimson finisher in the lead pack. Senior Nihal Kayali for third for the Bulldogs. The final was Yale 19, Harvard 41.

Report and photos from Patricia Melton.

More photos and results after the jump.

Harvard 21, Yale 38

1. Maksim Korolev (Harvard), 24:20.39
2. James Leakos (Harvard), 24:22.00
3. Jakob Lindaas (Harvard), 24:34.29
4. Kevin Lunn (Yale), 24:39.02
5. Demetri Goutos (Yale), 24:53.50
6. Matthew Nussbaum (Yale), 24:54.23
7. Lukas Gemar (Harvard), 24:55.88
8. William Gaudreau (Harvard), 25:03.62
9. Daniel Milechman (Harvard), 25:10.51
10. Will Geiken (Harvard), 25:20.95
11. Matt Thwaites (Yale), 25:21.76
12. Tim Hillas (Yale), 25:24.40
13. John McGowan (Yale), 25:27.23
14. Alexander Conner (Yale), 25:32.11

Yale 19, Harvard 41

1. Liana Epstein (Yale), 17:24.78
2. Samantha Silva (Harvard), 17:25.58
3. Nihal Kayali (Yale), 17:31.94
4. Caitlin Hudson (Yale), 17:39.00
5. Melissa Chapman (Yale), 17:43.31
6. Elizabeth Marvin (Yale), 17:46.03
7. Emily Stark (Yale), 17:47.66
8. Emily Reese (Harvard), 17:56.41
9. Briana Jackucewicz (Harvard), 18:00.05
10. Morgan Kelly (Harvard), 18:02.97
11. Viviana Hanley (Harvard), 18:10.15
12. Sarah Berry (Yale), 18:29.01
13. Jennifer Guidera (Harvard), 18:29.54
14. Kira Garry (Yale), 18:37.68

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