Track Salvation

Okay. I am way off topic today.

On back-to-back days I have seen ESPN videos about 18-year-old track runners and have been brought to tears by both.

Above is the story of Eastern Michigan freshman Latipha Cross, who has been through more than I can ever imagine. She has every right to be bitter about the cards she’s been dealt, but there isn’t a hint of it. Instead she is amazingly appreciative. I find her inspirational.

The other story, as best I can tell, cannot be embedded here. It is the story of California teen Jack Burleson, who found community, confidence and accomplishment through track & field. As inspired as I am by him, I also found something amazing about the young people around him. I wish life was always this embracing for those who have not been as fortunate as others. Get some Kleenex.

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