Yes, We Want Your Help

Last year at Heps Cross Country, we were prepared to give you a new way to look at the races back home using nothing more than our cell phones and a new technology platform.

Then the rain, the wind and the snow came. Exposed to the elements, we didn’t want to ruin anyone’s phone, so we drastically scaled back the plan. Frozen fingers didn’t help either. At the end of the day, the photos were great, but the experience was rather miserable.

We are hoping for something a bit less cold and wet in 2012. Our plans will be a bit different, but we’d like to find some folks who:

1. plan to be in Princeton for the big event
2. have a mobile device capable of tweeting
3. have a desire to combine fandom with helping those who can’t be there themselves

We are already promoting the hashtag #HepsXC. If you have anything Heps cross relevant, tweet it with that tag.

Also, if you are going, sign up on the Facebook event page. This is our grassroots way of promoting the event and getting people to know when it is. You can invite folks right there on the page.

And if you are interested in an organized way to cover Heps, shoot me an email.

3 Responses to “Yes, We Want Your Help”

  1. Greg Page says:

    Brett, can you tell me where you found the photo of the Cornell men’s pack? I’m guessing it was from their race at URochester–I’ve been looking for photos from that meet, without success.
    Thanks for any help!

  2. Greg Page says:

    Ah, never mind, Brett. Naturally, I found the photo site as soon as I posted my query to you!

  3. Tim Fulton/ArmoryTrack says:

    I actually took that pic Greg so let me know what you need or want. I have a bunch of the men but very little of the women