Short Run Time

After a sleepy weekend for the Heps cross country teams — except for Waverly Neer, Erin Gillingham and the Columbia Lions — this week is going to be just the opposite. The other 15 teams will be in action… and all in the same place!

Friday will be the Brooks Paul Short Run at Lehigh University and the Wawa markets and assorted coffee shops in Bethlehem should be put on notice to make a lot more brew than normal.

The men’s gold 8k race — slated for 11 am — has seven of the eight Heps teams assigned. The exception are the Penn Quakers, who will run in the brown race at 12:15 pm. In 2011, Columbia had the best finish in the men’s gold race, taking third behind Oklahoma and Georgetown. The top Ivy finisher was Harvard’s James Leakos, who was fifth — one spot in front of Brown’s Dan Lowry.

The women’s 6k gold race is in between, starting at 11:45 am, and six of the eight Ivy squads will run in that event. Princeton is instead running in the 1 pm brown race while the Columbia Lions are getting the weekend off. In last year’s gold race, the Yale Bulldogs had the top team performance, finishing sixth with 205 points, just four in front of Cornell. Dartmouth’s Abbey D’Agostino had the best Heps’ individual finish (fourth).

If you are going (directions), you really, really, really should tweet with the hashtag #HepsXC. In fact, you should also fire up some photos as well. That’s a call out to not just fans, but coaches, athletes and bus drivers as well.

And if you are wondering just who Paul Short is, he wasn’t a collegiate runner. He played football, baseball and lacrosse at Lehigh and he also wrestled. He joined the Lehigh athletics staff shortly after his 1934 graduation and served until his passing in 1967.

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