Cover Celebrations

I am in the process of moving and had to make some decisions on what to keep. And, no, the Penn Relays programs are not being tossed.

Came across two different covers and wondered:

1. Who had the better celebration, Robin Martin or Liam Boylan-Pett?
2. Will Donn Cabral get the cover in 2013? Remember: His coach is there now!

4 Responses to “Cover Celebrations”

  1. Bob Hersh says:

    The Liam Boylan-Pett picture is the background on the home screen of my laptop computer. I boot up and I smile, recalling that great race.

  2. Brett Hoover says:

    And I recall a great call of that race!!!

  3. Seeherman says:

    1) All this does is make me more depressed about 1998 Heps (maybe the only time Robin lost to Trinity Gray in anything; he’s still pissed about it) and more generally how Robin had Olympic level talent that never fully emerged. Not to mention even considering a Penn 4×400 relay team running 3:09 and how back in 1997 that was expected. You can even throw in a point that back then the IC4A heat was still a big deal.
    2) It will certainly be the end times if a Princeton athlete is shown winning an event at the Penn Relays. Maybe (emphasis on maybe) a picture of the pack mid-race, but a celebratory picture – well I sure hope not. Bill Bonthron is not walking through that door.

    • Brett Hoover says:

      I just now saw this. I don’t know. Steve Dolan and Donn Cabral are tight. It was a huge part of last year’s Relays. Just wait, Josh. Just wait.