Heps Week, XC 2012

Heps Week is so much better than Shark Week. Not only does it happen three times a year, it doesn’t scare anyone from swimming in the ocean.

We are hunkered down at Heps Central preparing for the week ahead, but we will be posting something fun later today if we can figure out some things out.

We also have a great profile on Princeton Coach Jason Vigilante from ArmoryTrack.com. Doug Binder talked to Coach Vig and his pupils Robby Andrews and Alan Webb for the story. But get this, the folks at the University of Virginia wouldn’t let former Tiger Mark Amirault talk to Binder.

After all, Amirault is an Ivy grad who is two years into graduate school. We’d think that a place like UVa would think that he knows how to handle himself. Bush league, Cavs.

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