All Paths Lead To Princeton

One of the things I love most about being back on the East Coast? Train travel. (Okay, timeout. Sign up for Heps.)

If you haven’t been outside of the East, you don’t know how pathetic public transit is in almost all of the United States. In Indianapolis, for example, you either own a car or you are nearly limited to where your feet can take you. And sidewalks are far from a guarantee.

But here, you can go from Manhattan or Philadelphia to the center of Princeton’s campus in less than two hours and for less than $20. Here is how:

Buy a ticket to “Princeton Station” (not just Princeton Junction) at Penn Station in New York City. Take the 8:14 am Trenton-bound NJ Transit train and switch to the Dinky (photo above, the nation’s shortest rail which has carried the likes of Einstein and Woodrow Wilson) for the two-mile ride to campus. You will be on campus at 9:42 am. Stop at the Wawa next to the station for some coffee or juice or whatever floats your boat.

From here, you are probably less than a mile from the Championship course. Simply walk east across the campus until you get to Washington Street. Head south down Washington, across the Carnegie Lake bridge and the activity will be happening on your left. See how easy that is.

If you are coming from Philly, hop aboard the Trenton-bound 7:49 am SEPTA regional rail at 30th Street Station and you will get to the Trenton station at 8:35 am. You will have to wait nearly a half hour to catch the 9:01 NYC-bound NJ Transit train, which will get you to Princeton Junction at 9:14 am (just two stops). From here you will meet up with the NY folks on the same Dinky. Follow them.

If you must drive, here you go.

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