Layer Up, Schmayer Up

So, last year I was not prepared for Heps. I was wearing some kind of boots, sweatpants and a non-rain-repellent hoodie. I had just taken up residence in the East Village for the winter and my focus was not on the weather. I thought it was going to rain a bit.

Instead, it was the heaviest winter storm of the year. Cold, cold rain followed by sideways snow. It was miserable. The only good thing about being there was surviving and having a story to tell.

Runner-up Kyle Merber wound up in the hospital, where they made sure his body temperature returned to 98.6. He wrote about the episode, detailing that the medics made sure of his core temperature from more than a single orifice. Unfortunately, that hilarious story is no longer online.

I sat in a moving vehicle, holding my dog Chaka for warmth, until we made it halfway through Maryland.

Anyway, I am happy to report that we won’t have such circumstances this year. tells us that highs will soar to the upper 60s on Saturday in Central Jersey. There is a 20 percent chance of rain and there should be a light breeze headed to the Southeast.

Wear what you want.

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