Tigers Dominate At Home

Chris Bendtsen by John Nepolitan

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Well after the race had ended, Columbia Coach Willy Wood finally spotted Princeton Coach Jason Vigilante far away from the crowd. He made a beeline across the wide infield at the West Windsor Fields in Princeton, stuck out his hand and gave the first-year coach a deserved congratulations.

He then jokingly called him a name as Vigilante’s No. 22 Tigers had just demolished Wood’s No. 10 Lions. It may be a friendly rivalry, but it is a rivalry nonetheless.

Princeton went 1-2-4 en route to an impressive 26-58 victory while Dartmouth (77) and Cornell (83) were not too far behind.

Chris Bendtsen was the winner, finishing in 23:41.8 thanks to a ridiculous kick down the “Avenue of Noise.” He was followed by teammate Alejandro Arroyo Yamin (23:48.1), Columbian Leighton Spencer (23:50.6) and the third Tiger, Tyler Udland (23:51.3).

Coach Vigilante was quick to credit Columbia for his team’s performance, offering that without the Lions’ season-long success, his squad wouldn’t have been as focused.

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  1. Princeton Fan says:

    Congratulations Tigers! Love you guys. Wishing you all the best.