We’re Doing It Live!

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A simple question for the day is — so what will you be doing for those of us who aren’t going to be there?

Well, the hope is that we engage a lot of the folks around the course to tweet, using the #HepsXC hash tag. If you are in Princeton, you are urged to help those who aren’t. You can follow along right here.

On course, we will be running around the course, doing our best to deliver data here at HepsTrack as quickly as possible. But the site could get a little messy before we clean it up. We won’t be holding information before making it pretty.

Also, feel free to engage with us @HepsTrack on Twitter. We will do our best to respond. But avoid the urge to ask who won. That info will come as soon as we have it.

More projections, this time from Flotrack:

Men’s Team Projections — 1. Columbia, 35; 2. Princeton, 51; 3. Harvard, 76; 4. Dartmouth, 84; 5. Yale, 137; 6. Cornell, 149; 7. Brown, 180; 8. Penn, 191.

Men’s Individual Projections
First team All Ivy — 1. Maksim Korolev (Harvard); 2. Mike Murphy (Columbia); 3. Alejandro Arroyo Yamin (Princeton); 4. James Leakos (Harvard); 5. Jake Sienko (Columbia); 6. Chris Bendtsen (Princeton); 7. Mark Feigen (Columbia).
Second team All Ivy — 8. Leighton Spencer (Columbia); 9. Tyler Udland (Princeton); 10. Will Geoghegan (Dartmouth); 11. Jonathan Gault (Dartmouth); 12. Mike Franklin (Princeton); 13. Daniel Everett (Columbia); 14. Matt Nussbaum (Yale).

Women’s Team Projections — 1. Cornell, 34; 2. Yale, 66; 3. Brown, 91; 4. Princeton, 93; 5. Harvard, 96; 6. Columbia, 130; 7. Dartmouth, 172; 8. Penn, 207.

Women’s Individual Projections
First team All Ivy — 1. Katie Kellner (Cornell); 2. Rachel Sorna (Cornell); 3. Emily Shearer (Cornell); 4. Melissa Chapman (Yale); 5. Liana Epstein (Yale); 6. Heidi Caldwell (Brown); 7. Greta Feldman (Princeton).
Second team All Ivy — 8. Emily Reese (Harvard); 9. Olivia Mickle (Brown); 10. Margaret Connelly (Brown); 11. Emily De La Bruyere (Princeton); 12. Devin McMahon (Cornell); 13. Sammy Silva (Harvard); 14. Jackie Nicholas (Princeton.)

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