From the Weather Channel: This is worth reading in regards to the serious nature of Sandy.

Well, I am in a State of Emergency for a hurricane for the first time in my life, a similar experience, I assume, for many of the Heps Nation.

Penn, Princeton, Columbia, Yale, Brown and Harvard universities are all closed tomorrow as Sandy is expected to go full force on the East Coast. Dartmouth and Cornell aren’t expected to close, but even those in-land schools have posted the weather on the front page of their websites and suggest that safety officials are “monitoring” the situation.

Just wanted to wish everyone well. Hope everyone has enough Ramen and water to get through it.

Remember that you have a community here and on Twitter. Send us photos or whatever you come up with to pass the time. HepsTrack World HQ is less than a mile from the Long Island Sound now and everyone is telling me that we will lose power at some point. If it happens, carry out without us. We’ll get caught up.

Be well,

Brett, et al.

2 Responses to “Frankenstorm”

  1. Mary says:

    Stay safe, Brett. At least you don’t have the eye to worry about…

  2. Greg Page says:

    Best of luck to all.