Notes From Heps

First things first. MORE PHOTOS. We received great images from Joe Guty (a proud Princeton parent) and thus have beefed up the Heps photo gallery on Facebook. Take a look. Guty and John Nepolitan do great work as have Dan Grossman, Doug Austin and Nathan Crumpton before them.

Speaking of Crumpton, his images last year were widely viewed because they were awesome. So snow-filled awesome that there was no way we’d reach last year’s Heps cross country web traffic. Or so I thought. Get this, at about 10 pm on Sunday, the Heps Week traffic surpassed last year’s Heps Week traffic. Amazing. Thanks for everyone who stopped by.

I happened to run into Yale great Kate Grace at the Princeton Junction station after Heps and talked to her on the way back toward NYC. I was very happy to hear her take on HepsTrack, which she feels has helped bring a unity to the athletes and alums. That has been one of the goals of what we are trying to do, celebrate not just the performances around the League, but the folks who have been a part. Cheer for Kate at Saturday’s NYRR Dash To The Finish, a talent-filled 5k prelude to Sunday’s Marathon. And remember, a 5k is vastly stretching her typical boundaries.

Finally, a big shout out to the folks from Penn, who were the most enthusiastic fans on the day. Face painting, body painting, flag waving. If there is a bellwether for a program, it is likely the enthusiasm generated by it. That and the emergence of the Penn freshmen are very positive signs for that program. Congrats to Coaches Dolan, Martin and Tenisci.

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