Against Mob Rule

Former Penn Quaker Mike Cassidy — a native of Staten Island — has finished among the top 50 at the ING New York City Marathon three times.

He — like me — was troubled by the mob — blowhard tabloid journalists included — which decided to focus on the Marathon last week while ignoring the other City attractions that took up resources and personnel as well, without any stated goal of giving back to those in need.

Cassidy penned an interesting piece for, which included:

If the marathon was to be an exercise in frivolity, what are we to make of vitriolic editorials and self-righteous Facebook groups? Are we now to forgo all activity just because someone is less fortunate? 46,000 New Yorkers are homeless every day — should the rest of us give up our homes? If others are hungry, should we not eat? If a neighbor is unemployed, are we to quit our jobs, too?

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