Cheerio, Morgan & Anna [Updated]

Terrence Mahon has taken over as the middle distance coach for U.K. Athletics and Morgan Uceny, the Olympic finalist from Cornell, is following him overseas.

Today, Uceny posted this message on Facebook:

“In case you haven’t heard the BIG news, I’m moving to England at the end of the month! My coach is the new UKA middle distance coach and I wasn’t about to give up on someone who has taken me as far as I’ve come. Cheerio!”

UPDATE: Peter Gambaccini of Runner’s World tracked down Anna Pierce, who wrote:

“I’m staying with Terrence as my coach; it never even occurred to me to switch coaches. Through this whole process my mindset has been ‘how can we make this work?’ I believe Terrence is one of the best coaches in the world, and he deserves to be compensated correctly for his tireless efforts on behalf of his athletes. Morgan and I are in full support of his decision and will be heading over to the UK in December.”

7 Responses to “Cheerio, Morgan & Anna [Updated]”

  1. Jackson Marlowe says:

    Yeah…flat on your face in no less than two world class finals…

  2. Old track coach says:

    With an excellent chance to win them both.

  3. Robert Rumsey says:

    She is an amazing talent and a world class competitor.

  4. history buff says:

    Obama winning reelection is, “BIG news”; not this