The Adventures Of…

I assumed that the park which will be the venue for Saturday’s NCAA Cross Country Championships was named for the title character in the 1876 Mark Twain novel.

But, no. The E.P. “Tom” Sawyer Park in Louisville, Ky., is instead named for the father of Diane Sawyer, she of ‘Good Morning America’ fame. Her father, Erbon Powers Sawyer, was a judge, politician and community leader who was killed in an auto accident in 1969.

I know some of this stuff because the University of Louisville did a great job of preparing a Championships fan guide for Saturday. If you are planning to go, take a look. Here are the starting box assignments.

The video above was prepared by Flotrack’s Alex Lohr in advance of last year’s Big East Championship, but it gives an indication of the course, its challenges and its best places for spectators.

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