Go With The Flo

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Hard to believe that it has been more than five years since I first met the guys from Flotrack — Mark Floreani and Ryan Fenton — when they came to the Penn Relays and stayed awake for three straight days cutting and uploading videos.

But perhaps the most amazing thing that they’ve accomplished is getting me hooked on cross country.

If I think back on my time at the Ivy Office, I went to a couple of Heps XC Championships, but our Ivy van got towed one year (I will name no names) and we wound up not getting results online for at least five hours.

That was my excuse to bail. After that I stayed at the office during Heps XC and had one assistant call me with news, quotes and notes. The other would head to Riverdale Press across the street from Van Cortlandt Park and fax me the results.

While everyone was freezing, I was in the quiet warmth of the office, writing a story about an event I didn’t see. So, I can now admit, I wasn’t a big fan of cross country.

But now I am immersed. I watch Run Junkie on Flotrack and I laugh at some of the horrible facial hair that comes along in Flotrack’s Stachies At Nashies’ competition. I figure that the genesis for this was that Fenton could grow a thick beard in a few days if he tried. That’s him above. Normal state and then his typical November look.

Any way, I want to give a shout out to Flotrack for bringing me along. And I should probably apologize to Fenton for yelling at him back in 2009 when members of the Penn track team were putting up videos from Outdoor Heps. That was the meet in which Cornell’s Jimmy Wyner was DQed for taunting down the homestretch. The video went viral and about 80 percent of the comments were abusive and name calling. Figuring that it was not a good thing to have 50 comments calling Wyner a d-bag on what was billed as the League’s official video, I got in touch with Fenton, who told me to relax. That all the controversy was good.

It was. And Flotrack has been great for the sport. We no longer just know who won, but we know who they are. And, for me, it has made all the difference.

Here is a piece on Flotrack regarding Harvard’s return to Nationals.

Also wanted to pass along a link about the passing of Joe Seeley, who was the Yale men’s team captain in 1982 while HepsTrack co-founder Patricia Melton was the women’s team captain. Joe was taken by leukemia recently, but he definitely had a well-lived life.

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