Delilah, Turkey Day Warrior

There are runners of every kind at the annual Manchester Road Race — a Connecticut Thanksgiving tradition for 76 years now. You’ll see people dressed as superheroes, cows and much much more as the 15,000 charge through the streets in a 4.75-mile gallop.

But there are just two winners and one of them was Columbia graduate Delilah DiCrescenzo, who out kicked Iowa’s Lisa Uhl in the final 400 meters to win in 24:34, five seconds in front of Uhl and 12 before Diane Nukuri-Johnson.

“I’m really, really happy,” DiCrescenzo told Lori Riley of the Hartford Courant. “In a race of this caliber, I haven’t really finished at the top, so it was [a] very new [feeling].”

The men’s race was won by Aaron Braun followed by Haron Lagat and Princeton graduate Donn Cabral, a Nutmeg State favorite.

“I’m very happy with the time I ran,” said Cabral, who finished in 21:33. “That wins it most years. But I didn’t really start moving hard enough early enough so about 4 miles in, I was probably sixth or so. Then I was running next to one of the ZAP runners, he said, ‘You’re the hometown guy, they’re all cheering for you. Go get ’em.'”

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One Response to “Delilah, Turkey Day Warrior”

  1. Mary B says:

    I had fun getting by butt kicked by Lindsay (Donaldson) O’Brien at the Alexandria 5 Mile Turkey Trot this past weekend. Lindsay was the 3rd female overall (29:43), while I was a healthy 488th overall out of 4,291 finishers. Good news for me: I got a new PR in the process (39:25).