Gold For Our Nelly?

Okay, Thanksgiving break is over. We are back at it with new news. Or perhaps, old news with new updates.

Looks like Dartmouth graduate Adam Nelson might be a gold medalist after all. Back in 2004, Nelson and Ukrainian Yuriy Bilonog each tossed the shot 21.16 meters, with Bilonog claiming the victory based on a superior second-best put.

But now Associated Press is reporting that the IOC will hold hearings next month on the fate of five athletes whose doping samples have been re-tested and deemed positive. Among those athletes, according to German broadcaster ARD, is Bilonog.

Any revocation would mean that the since-retired Nelson would claim the gold.

It has been 40 years since the Ivy League has produced a track & field gold medalist, when Frank Shorter won the marathon in Munich.

Amazingly, if this happens, it won’t be the first time an Ivy League athlete has claimed gold after the fact. Former Penn wrestler Brandon Slay received his Olympic gold in Nov. 2000 on the Today Show after German Alexander Leipold was stripped of his freestyle wrestling title for a positive test.

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