NCAA Makes Great Choice

I am about to wander off the HepsTrack path, so be warned.

I wanted to report how pleased I am with the NCAA’s selection of Tony Dungy as the 2013 recipient of the organization’s highest honor — the Teddy Roosevelt Award.

I wrote about him more than two years ago. About the fact that in the middle of the NFL season — when he was coaching the Colts — he took the time to call me about something near and dear to my heart.

There was a reason that he was in the top 2% of a celebrity rating service for advertisers in his coaching days. He was viewed favorably with actors like Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman. There is nothing phony about that perception.

Safe to say the NCAA nailed this one.

2 Responses to “NCAA Makes Great Choice”

  1. Dave Farley says:

    Thanks for sharing your involvement in the Fritz Pollard NFL Hall of Fame story. As you probably know, Fritz’s son, Frederick Douglas Pollard, Jr., also attended Brown and won a bronze medal in the 110 meter high hurdles in the famous (as in Jesse Owens) 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. Fritz, Jr. left Brown after three semesters and transferred to the University of North Dakota. At Brown he equalled the world record for the 45 yard high hurdles and also played football. At UND, he was a great hurdler and football player and was named to the Little All-American Football Team in 1938. Aside from Fritz Pollard, Sr.’s amazing life story, take a look at his parents’ and siblings’ accomplishments, both in education and life (also note a number of Ivy League connections–available via Bing or Google).

    • Brett Hoover says:

      Hi Dave,

      I have read much about the family. I actually sat with them at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony and stayed in touch with Fritz III for quite some time. Really an interesting slice of American history there. Hope all is well. Brett