Could This Have Been A Gold-Medal Throw?

Here is a bit of chronological wizardry.

Adam Nelson will presumably become the first Ivy League Olympic gold medalist in track & field in 32 years, even though the last golden Ivy was not from 1980.

That will sure mess a kid up on the PSAT.

Here we go for the explanation: Frank Shorter, a Yalie, won the marathon gold in 1972 in Munich. Now Nelson will likely claim the 2004 shot put gold from Athens after today’s news that Ukrainian Yuriy Bilonog, who has held the gold for eight years, has been stripped of the medal by the International Olympic Committee after a recent reexamination of his 2004 blood test showed evidence of a banned substance.

Tweeted Nelson, “I now know what it feels like to win a lifetime achievement award posthumously.”

I am sure the Ivy League Office would be happy to stage an award ceremony for Nelson, complete with the national anthem, at Indoor Heps in Cambridge in February. You reading this, Mr. Hersh?

Notes from 2004:
* Facebook launched
* Footballer Pat Tillman was killed in Afghanistan
* Finding Nemo was out
* Ronald Reagan died
* Sean Penn won the Academy Award for Best Actor in Mystic River
* The horrible tsunami hit in the South Pacific
* Eninem’s “Lose Yourself” lost out to Luther Vandross’ “Dance with My Father” for a Grammy (which I never paid attention to, but disagree with in hindsight)

One Response to “Could This Have Been A Gold-Medal Throw?”

  1. Anon says:

    Lose Yourself was a bomb ass song. Congrats Adam! I love when fellow Ivy Leaguers receive accolades.