Carl & Usain Never Did This

During the week ahead will be the 136th anniversary of the birth of Alvin Kraenzlein, who will probably be the only person to win four individual track & field gold medals at a single Olympics. In the 1900 Games in Paris, he won the 60-meter dash, the 110- and 200-meter hurdles and the long jump.

From Wikipedia:

Kraenzlein was especially noted for his hurdling technique, as he was the first to practice the now common method of straight-lead-leg (the first leg over the hurdle remains straight and parallel with the ground). This technique is significant in that it enables the athlete to over-come the hurdle without reducing speed.

Kraenzlein graduated from Penn with a dental degree, but elected to go into coaching instead. He was the head coach at the University of Michigan and served a national coach for both Cuba and Germany before returning to Penn as an assistant.

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