Leaving A Closed Door Unlocked

From a Puma photo shoot

Peter Gambaccini, both a great reporter for Runner’s World and a Dartmouth grad, got hold of Delilah DiCrescenzo to talk about her new phase of her career. She has won two large road races in the last month and will compete in the NYRR’s Emerald Nuts New Years Run while the ball drops on Times Square.

Gambaccini asked her if her steeplechasing days are over. “We will see,” she said. “I’m closing the door on the steeple but I’m not locking it. I really want to explore some other distances and have fun. That’s what’s getting me excited and getting a little momentum behind me because it’s just new and uncharted.

“With the steeple, I don’t know, it’s been a really rough two years in the event and so it’s good to just step back. I can see a scenario where I actually opened up at nationals in the steeple but just didn’t race it before that because of the physical demands of the event and Gags’ intense interval training for me. I’m not that durable to hold up to it. I’ll see how the season is shaping up and I’ll do more road races definitely and evaluate what my best chance to hopefully make the [world championships] team in track is.”

Also in Hepsland, Brown has hired Ken Hunt to fill out its coaching staff. Hunt, a former leaper at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, has coached at LSU, Georgia Southern, Southern Illinois and Marquette. “I know that Ken will be a great recruiter for us as well as a great coach,” said Brown Interim Head Coach Tim Springfield. “He has an infectious enthusiasm for track and field.”

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