Faster Than A Plodding Train

When I saw that people were going to try to outrun a No. 1 subway train ending at 116th Street (Columbia University), I figured that, somehow, a Boylan-Pett would be involved.

Well, I was right. Liam is actually one of the co-founders of the MTR — the Mass Transit Runners — that came up with the concept. And here it is, there were folks in the subway as it neared the 110th Street stop. As the doors opened, boom, seven runners took off, leaving an official on the train.

As the runners made a dash up the stairs (and around fellow riders), the train began its journey to 116th Street. The runners, meanwhile, sprinted above ground along Broadway, watching out for humans, dogs, lights and cars.

Once the train stopped at 116th Street, the official would dash up the stairs to the sidewalk. Whomever arrived first was the winner and ties went to the runner. Two of the runners were victorious and, most importantly, no one was hurt.

Wrote Boylan-Pett: “The first-ever Mass Transit Racers saw twenty-five people show up, seven race the subway, two beat it, and no one get hit by a car. So, um, yeah, it went pretty well.”

Don’t try this at home.

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