The Greatest Rivalry?

It is one of those things that I continue to hear after so many years — “Boy, do I miss Army and Navy.”

There isn’t an athlete who competed against them in this League that didn’t have deep respect for the Midshipmen and the Cadets.

So it is notable that out of all the track & field rivalries in the country, Jesse Squire (Track Super Fan) picked Army-Navy as the first rivalry in his dual meet Hall of Fame.

I was struck by the finally passage, credited to a May story in Running Times by Paul Coover, which digs into the similarities of academy life between the two.

At the heart of Army-Navy is the realization that your rival is your only true peer; you see in him a reflection of yourself.

Not as stark as the comparison of the academies, but I also feel that this is the reason that Heps is such the focus of the track & field season in the Ivy League. After that, nothing matters as much.

One Response to “The Greatest Rivalry?”

  1. Army Navy is my favorite dual meet, and after that, it was the Navy vs Priceton dual meet. I loved mixing it up with Priceton almost as much as battling Army. The Heps were great because they followed the Army Navy meet, and there were dual meet battles to revisit along with our pals in the Ivy league. I am very fortunate to have been a part of the Heps! Ronnie Harris Navy ’87