Still Flying High


Bruce McBarnette may have worn his last Princeton uniform almost 33 years ago, but he has by no means taken off his high jump spikes.

McBarnette gave himself an early Christmas gift this past year by setting a new national record in the Master’s 50-55 year high jump.  He cleared 5′ 10″ (1.77 meters) on December 22nd at the ITS Open Indoor Track and Field Meet in Alexandria, Virginia.  The previous record was 5′ 9.25″ (1.76 meters), set earlier in 2012 by Jim Barrineau and Kenneth Drollinger.  McBarnette also holds the high jump records for the 45-49 (outdoors: 6′ 6.75″ [2.00m]) and 50-54 (indoors: 6′ 4″ [1.93m], outdoors 6′ 4.25″ [1.94m]) age groups.

McBarnette had this to say about still competing in the high jump:

“I believe in staying in shape, and I find that I work better if I’m in shape. When I was in school, I often performed better academically when I was in shape. If you’re going to work out on a regular basis, you might as well take it to the next level and compete.”

Since graduating from Princeton in 1980, McBarnette has won 9 World Championships in his age group (which includes leading a medal sweep at the 2011 World Masters Championship), 26 National Masters titles, served in the Army as a Judge Advocate, acted in seven movies, and managed to find time to host philanthropic events.  McBarnette will represent Team USA at the 20th World Masters Championship in Porto Alegre, Brazil in October.

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