Tri-Meets, Upstate Battles, and Angry Birds


This weekend has some fun meets lined up.

The headliner this weekend is the annual Yale-Dartmouth-Columbia tri-meet  in the legendary Coxe Cage (New Haven, Conn.).  Last year, Dartmouth swept the meet, with the Big Green (62) edging out Columbia (60) in the men’s competition.  For anyone that is planning to attend this meet with a smart phone that has a Twitter account, send out some live updates using the Twitter handle #YDC.  There are a lot of alumni out there who wish they could attend!

Meanwhile, across the conference…

Brown will travel up to Cambridge to participate in Harvard’s Multis Challenge tonight and the Harvard Challenge tomorrow.  This year, the Harvard Challenge is a “tri-meet”, where Brown and Harvard form the “Ivy League team” and compete against Army/Northeastern (“Patriot League/CAA”) and MIT/Williams College (“Division III”).

Cornell will be hosting their first scored meet of the 2013 season, the Upstate Challenge, which begins tonight with the pentathlon and Day 1 of the heptathlon.  The field events and Day 2 of the heptathlon will commence tomorrow morning.  At least seven schools from the northern New York region will be competing at Barton Hall.

Penn will return to Lehigh University’s campus to participate in the Angry Bird Invitational (Bethlehem, Penn.).  To the best of our knowledge, it will be a track and field meet and not some demolition derby using only slingshots.

Feel free to share with us any fun photos from the meets this upcoming weekend (particularly if any green pigs show up at the Angry Bird Invitational).  You can add them to the facebook HepsTrack pages, on Twitter (@HepsTrack), or through this website’s contact link.  In fact, the featured photo of Coxe Cage in this post was a contribution from Yale sprinter/jumper Adele Jackson-Gibson (who is recovering from a torn ACL).   Thank you for sharing, Adele!


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