Plowing Down Old Records

If you haven’t seen Mary Cain run, you should buy tickets to the Millrose Games and see her take on, among others, Abbey D’Agostino, Delilah DiCrescenzo, Kate Grace and Ashley Higginson on Feb. 16.

Cain, who is 16 years old, broke the long-standing national high school 1,500m and mile records this weekend by clocking 4:32.78 at the New Balance Games at The Armory.

Breaking the 41-year-old mile record of Debbie Heald got a lot of attention, but less attention was paid to the 1,500m record, which was taken en route. Cain was timed in 4:16.11, taking the mark of 4:18.9 off the books. That mark had been held by Princeton graduate Lynn Jennings since 1978. That’s Lynn above.

Cain just missed the American Junior record of 4:32.30, held by yet another Ivy Leaguer. Harvard’s Darlene Beckford set that back in 1980.

That run could end at Millrose, but both have been long runs!

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