iHeps 13: Women’s Verticals

Indoor Heps History: High jump | Pole vault

Tory Worthen has won every single Heps she has competed in. With this being her senior year, the Princeton Tiger is aiming for a complete eight-for-eight sweep of pole vault championship which would firmly establish her as the greatest female pole vault in Ivy history. But Worthen is not be the lone senior in the field eyeing that title. In fact, the top eight performers this year are seniors, making this a last attempt at an indoor title. Unless someone in the field manages to get a six-inch or more personal best, the only other two women in close range to Worthen are Harvard’s Sydnie Leroy (12-10 3/4) and Cornell’s Claire Dishong (12-9 1/2). Recently, Leroy went toe-for-toe with Worthen at the HYP meet as the finished at the same height. However, Worthen won that battle with fewer misses and she’s always brought her A-game to Heps, so it will be a tough battle or anyone to try to overthrow the current queen of the stratosphere.

Meanwhile, the title of queen of the troposphere is up for grabs. Harvard’s Mary Hirst is looking for her first high jump title after being the runner-up for the last two years. She’s coming in with the top mark of 5-10 3/4 and is close to hitting the elite air of six feet. She also recently bested Princeton frosh Taylor Morgan, so she has the leg up on that competitor. Cornell’s Ailish Hanley has the leg up on Hirst though, as Hanley won the outdoor high jump title last year over Hirst (based on fewer misses). Hanley and Morgan come into Heps with the same season best of 5-8 3/4. Three other athletes have cleared 5-8 this season — Dartmouth’s Kaitlin Whitehorn, Harvard’s Ann Giebelhaus and Princeton’s Theresa Kennedy. Since these events can come down to who misses when, jumpers can sneak onto the podium if the bar favors them.

Top fives for 2013:

High jump
1.80m (5-10 3/4) — Mary Hirst (Harvard)
1.75m (5-8 3/4) — Ailish Hanly (Cornell)
1.75m (5-8 3/4) — Taylor Morgan (Princeton)
1.74m (5-8 1/2) — Kaitlin Whitehorn (Dartmouth)
1.73m (5-8) — Ann Giebelhaus (Harvard)
1.73m (5-8) — Theresa Kennedy (Princeton)

Pole vault
4.00m (13-1 1/2) — Tory Worthen (Princeton)
3.91m (12-10) — Sydnie Leroy (Harvard)
3.90m (12-9 1/2) — Claire Dishong (Cornell)
3.80m (12-5 1/2) — Davielle Brown (Penn)
3.80m (12-5 1/2) — Lindsay Patterson (Cornell)

— Mary Boggs

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