iHeps 13: Women’s Horizontals

Indoor Heps History: Long jump | Triple jump

Columbia is aiming to continue its dominance in the horizontal jumps. Uju Ofoche and Nadia Eke are back and ready to hold onto their crowns, as both women enter Heps with the top marks in the long and triple jumps, respectively. Add in their teammates Queen Okeke (the 2011 champion in the triple jump), Dora Vegvari and Addy Sonaike, and Columbia will rake in the points that could help keep their team in contention for the team title.

Eke has been particularly commanding for the Light Blue. Albeit wind-aided, she flew 43-8 1/2 last year to advance to the NCAA finals. Once at NCAAs, she fired off two more 43 footers (both maddeningly wind-assisted) to finish eighth and earn All-America status.

But Cornell and Princeton are looking to spoil Columbia’s party, as each has a number of athletes who can keep the some of the Lions off the podium.

Big Red Hillary Holmes and Orange Imani Oliver are the dark horses for the long and triple jump titles, respectively. Holmes and Ofoche are the only athletes who have cleared 19-feet in the long jump this season. Cornellian Dominique Corley is just shy of that mark. In the triple, the only ones who have surpassed 40 feet are Eke, Okeke and Oliver. Harvard’s Martina Salander, also a pentathlete, is a strong long jumper and could provide Harvard some valuable points for the team title. Look to Dartmouth’s Mollie Gribbin and Yale’s Alisha Jordan to score in the triple jump while Princetonian Erin Guty can score in the long jump.

Top fives for 2013:

Long jump
6.09m (19-11 3/4) — Uju Ofoche (Columbia)
5.92m (19-5 1/4) — Hillary Holmes (Cornell)
5.78m (18-11 3/4) — Dominique Corley (Cornell)
5.75m (18-10 1/2) — Dora Vegvari (Columbia)
5.71m (18-9) — Erin Guty (Princeton)

Triple jump
12.62m (41-5) — Nadia Eke (Columbia)
12.29m (40-4) — Queen Okeke (Columbia)
12.21m (40-0 3/4) — Imani Oliver (Princeton)
12.00m (39-4 1/2) — Addy Sonaike (Columbia)
11.87m (38-11 1/2) — Mollie Gribbin (Dartmouth)

— Mary Boggs

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